AVATAR Sets IMAX Record, Causes Headaches And Blurred Vision

James Cameron’s Avatar has garnered just of $2.4 billion thus far, and Imax has reported that its portion of the films earnings had passed $200 million this past Sunday. The film’s domestic box office take has hit over $120 million dollars at 179 Imax screens, which represents approximately 18% of the film’s $688 million U.S. total.

In other news, a study at UC Berkeley has found that 3-D movies can cause eyestrain along with headaches. According to Professor Martin Banks, 3-D doesn’t allow our eyes to “follow the rules” because we’re busy focusing on things both far and near at the same time, hence the headaches and blurred vision.

“You’re taking that normal relationship which has been coupled in the brain for years and you’re changing it. And what we showed is that can cause fatigue.”

Banks also cautioned that 3-D is worse for children, because younger viewers are far more susceptible to the harmful effects of 3-D:

“When you hit your 50s and 60s, we think that concern is going to be reduced…So that is probably more problematic for young adults, teenagers, et cetera.”

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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