Artist Reimagines Music Albums with Nerdy Flair


Assertion: musicians, by and large, are big nerds. Don’t believe me? Even the most metal of rock bands likes geek out about their favorite nerdy things. Led Zeppelin dropped Lord of the Rings references into five of their songs. I’m convinced that Highlander will endure as an immortal (no pun intended) classic because Queen’s heart wrenching ballad “Who Wants to Live Forever” contextualizes the emotional turmoil of Connor MacLeod’s existence better than the film. Oh, and let’s not forget that Queen is also responsible for the raddest Golden Age superhero theme song ever.


The point is that we should not be surprised when music and nerd culture meet, but we should always be delighted. German artist Uwe De Witt is responsible for the delight we submit to you now. He’s taken iconic album covers and given them a makeover with serious nerd cred. Click through the gallery to compare Uwe’s work with their original inspirations, and hit the link below the gallery to see more of his art.



Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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