Another Mysterious FALLING SKIES Featurette Plus New Footage in Latest TV Spot

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We’re not sure whether whomever is videotaping people in these Falling Skies featurettes has nefarious reasons for doing so, but we’re given a strong push in that direction with the newest one, this time of Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel). Remember, Lourdes had been wormed toward the end of last season, but was healed by Lexi, the creepy child of Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) and Dr. Ann Glass (Moon Bloodgood).

A side note here, the acting by Drew Roy and Seychelle Gabriel in these featurettes is amongst the most natural and compelling I’ve seen from them. I can’t wait to see what they do in the new season.

And speaking of the new season, make sure to check out the new TV spot that follows, since it sports some new Season 4 footage.

Featurette: Falling Skies – Lourdes

TV Spot: Falling Skies – Season 4: Only God

Falling Skies, starring Noah WyleMoon BloodgoodWill PattonDrew Roy, Connor Jessup, Seychelle Gabriel, Sarah Sanguin Carter, Colin Cunningham, Gloria ReubenRyan Robbins, and Maxim Knight, will return for Season 4 on June 22 at 10/9c on TNT.

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