ABC’s Eastwick- Will It Cast A Spell Or Be Cursed?

eastwick-bookComing this fall is a new show, “Eastwick”, based on John Updike’s book and movie, “The Witches of Eastwick”.

According to the show’s homepage:

Eastwick is brimming with romance, mystery and dangerous charm, offering a tempting vision of the ultimate wish-fulfillment fantasy.

Eastwick stars Rebecca Romijn as Roxie Torcoletti, Lindsay Price as Joanna Frankel, Jamie Ray Newman as Kat Gardener, Paul Gross as Darryl Van Horne, Sara Rue as Penny, Veronica Cartwright as Bun, Johann Urb as Will, Jon Bernthal as Raymond and Ashley Benson as Mia.

The series is produced by Warner Bros. Television. Maggie Friedman (Once and Again) is executive producer/writer and David Rosenthal is executive producer. The pilot was directed by David Nutter (The X-Files).

But will it bewitch us or will it be cursed with cancellation?

Look at who is cast in this:  Rebecca Romijin’s last TV show, Pepper Dennis, was cancelled.  Lindsay Price’s TV luck got “Lipstick Jungle”, “Pepper Dennis”, and the US version of “Coupling” canned.  At least they were free to be cast here!

David Nutter on the other hand will hopefully place his luck on this show, having helped launch Roswell, Dark Angel, Tarzan, Millennium, Without a Trace, Smallville, Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, and last year’s smash The Mentalist.

eastwick-cast-fountainNutter describes his take on “Eastwick”:

“Having done Sarah Connor, the one thing I think is a little easier is the fact the 1980s movie was rather ’80s,” Nutter said in an exclusive interview. “It had that sensibility to it. Everything happened so quickly in the hour film and not one that follows the novel. As far as the series is concerned, it’s about deepening, richening and making it as real as possible. What was most important was to make this a show about everyday people, make it as accessible as possible to people, make it a show about female empowerment, as well as relationships between women, and how they can deal with these abilities.”

“There’s real funny stuff in it, as well as drama.  We have three women that are always trying to make it. Rebecca Romijn plays Roxie, who lost her husband and has a teenage daughter. There are issues involved with that as well as trying to make a living. Lindsay Price plays Joanna, who is that girl who never speaks up for herself or take a stand. It’s about her accepting how beautiful she really is. Then you have Kat, played by Jaime Ray Newman, who is a mom with five kids and a husband trying to deal with the question of whether they got married because of being the high school athlete and the cheerleader, or was this something worth getting into?”

Now, about the man in this story, Nutter says:

“The Devil in the series comes in a much more interesting fashion, in the sense it’s all about seduction and how he’s going to seduce these women.  When all these women get together, they form this cone of power, so it’s all about them realizing what they are all about.”

Check out the trailer here:

[Source] ABC, Syfy

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