‘Green Lantern’ Movie To Be ‘Bigger Than Any Other Comic Movies,’ Says Director’s Wife

Not only does “Green Lantern” director Martin Campbell’s wife, Sol Romero, have an inside track on the plot of the much-anticipated live-action film, she also has a mysterious role in the movie, too. And while she can’t say much about the production, she did offer up some thoughts recently about the scope of the Emerald Knight’s big-screen debut.

“I personally think the movie is going to be bigger than any other comic movies, like ‘Spider-Man,'” Romero told SCI FI Wire. “There is really going to be a lot of action and entertainment [in ‘Green Lantern.’]”

greenlantern“I think that is what we need now: a lot of action, entertainment and happy movies where we can have a good time,” she added.

As for the part she’ll play in the film, Romero couldn’t offer up any clues at this point, saying they were “still in the casting process.”

At this point, little is known about Romero’s role – or any other parts in the film, for that matter. Rumors abound regarding the potential actors who could play Hal Jordan, with “The Hangover” star Bradley Cooper telling MTV News recently that he hadn’t heard anything about the rumors attaching him to the project. “Terminator: Salvation” star Sam Worthington and “Star Trek” star Chris Pine offered much the same response when MTV News asked them about the rumors connecting each of them to the “Green Lantern” lead.


Written by SciFiMafia

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