WAREHOUSE 13 Season 3 Guest Stars – Too Many Sci-Fi Stars to Fit onto This Picture

A Galaxy-class starship full of them, as a matter of fact. And that’s no coincidence. Jack Kenny, Warehouse 13 showrunner, was a big fan of the original Star Trek and the movies, and loved it when Kate Mulgrew was cast as the captain of Voyager in that series. She will be playing “an important overall role in our series.” Also from the Voyager series, Seven of Nine – Jeri Ryan – will have a guest spot on the show. From Voyager’s sister Deep Space Nine comes Rene Auberjonois reprising his Warehouse 13 role as computer expert Hugo Miller.

From Caprica we’ll be seeing a Tauron and a Caprican – Sasha Roiz (“Sam Adama”) and Allessandra Torresani (“Zoe Graystone”) will be appearing on separate Warehouse 13 episodes. And last but not least, I hear – hehe – that the original Jaime Sommers, Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner will be reprising her role as Dr. Vanessa Calder. Oo, sounds like(okay kids, one of the Bionic Woman’s bionic enhancements was bionic hearing) Artie may be getting some action this season. Maybe that will make him less cranky. Here’s hoping.

Warehouse 13 will be airing on Syfy Tuesdays at 9/8c beginning on July 11.

Source: TV Guide

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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