Tonight’s THE 100 Called a Defining, Dark Episode, See Featurette and More

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Wednesdays are a crowded night for Our Kind of Shows, so it’s possible that you haven’t been watching The CW‘s new show The 100. Or maybe you haven’t watched because the ads made it look a bit too much like another Attractive Teens in Trouble show. Well, yes, they are attractive, but who on scripted shows isn’t?

Last week’s episode, though, took more than one completely unexpected (and one rather creepy) twist, and tonight we’ll see the consequences. Characters die on this show. And not in a Vampire Diaries, “sure they’re dead but we’ll probably see them again” sort of way. It’s a dark show, and the show’s creator has promised more of the same.

If you haven’t been watching, go watch the previous three episodes on and catch up before watching the following featurette, clip, and TV spot, because they’re spoilery right from the get-go. If you are caught up, or if you prefer to live dangerously and dive in starting with episode 4, check out the “Inside The 100” featurette, wherein executive producer and series creator Jason Rothenberg claims that tonight’s episode is the one “where we found what the show is going to be.”

Since he also describes the episode as dark and intense, I’m guessing we’re not going to be seeing a whole heckuva lot more flirting going on, so scratch that off your “why I won’t watch The CW shows” list. Then get ready for what could end up being a pretty interesting series.

Featurette: The 100 – Inside The 100: Murphy’s Law

Clip: The 100 – Murphy’s Law

TV Spot: The 100 – Murphy’s Law

The 100, starring Eliza TaylorPaige TurcoThomas McDonellEli GoreeMarie AvgeropoulosBob MorleyKelly HuChristopher LarkinDevon BostickIsaiah Washington, and Henry Ian Cusick, airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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