The Walking Dead – Season 2 Premiere Date News and No Kidding, Action Figures

The Walking Dead seems to be spilling its guts all over the entertainment news feed this week. Excellent! The very latest is that the season 2 premiere date has been announced, so mark your calendars – if you’re in Germany. Yes, it’s the launch date in Germany, but that must mean we at least have a no-later-than date in the US, right?

German website Serien has reported that The Walking Dead season two will premiere on October 21 there, which fits in nicely with the general “in October” we’ve been hearing in the US for months. We here at SciFi Mafia heartily approve of this latest trend of series being broadcast internationally on or near the same dates. The voracious enthusiasm of the social media networks makes avoiding spoilers more challenging than tiptoeing around sleeping walkers with jingle bells tied on your shoes.

But wait, there’s more! Thursday saw the release of photos of the newest The Walking Dead action figures from McFarlane Toys!

They join these whose visages have already graced our pre-order screens:

Here’s the best part. Check out this description of the set 1 “Zombie Lurker” from McFarlane:

Pull its torso up, and it splits apart at the waist, exposing its intestines and other internal organs, transforming it into a legless “crawler.” The figure also features removable arm segments and a head that splits at the jaw line, all exposing layers of decaying muscle, bones, and blood.

COME ON! How can we not need this?! Set 1 is expected to drop in September 2011, followed by set 2 in November – in time for the holidays! Click The Walking Dead logo below to head over to Entertainment Earth and pre-order your crawlers, walkers and biters today!

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead season 2 will premiere in October on AMC.

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