THE HUNGER GAMES Gets a Collector’s Edition, Looks Fancy

With the end of the Harry Potter franchise, Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games has become a hot topic in Hollywood with the hopes of a new cash cow franchise riding on the shoulders of the post-apocalyptic epic. What better way to celebrate than a new collector’s edition of the book with a redesigned Mockingjay?

”It’s been fun for the art director and me to revisit the mockingjay images,” Scholastic editorial director David Levithan told EW. “Amazingly, we chose the mockingjay image for the first book before we knew how crucial it would be in the trilogy, and we concepted the cover directions for Catching Fire and Mockingjay before we’d read a word of either book.” He adds, “Now we have the opportunity to go back and create new icons for each book. The Hunger Games Collector’s Edition shows a mockingjay in flight holding a bow, outside of the pin image featured on the original book, teasing the active role it’s going to play.”

The collector’s edition features new, original Mockingjay artwork, foil stamping and a special protective slipcase, as well as a pretty shway cloth cover. The CE retails for $30 and goes on sale in November.

[Source] Shelf Life

Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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