The Event Is: Not Over?

Yes we did learn – at least kind of – what The Event was at the end of the series finale. But is it really over? Not according to Nick Wauters, creator of and writer for the series. He confirmed on Twitter back on May 13 that NBC had decided to not renew the series.

Wauters said:

Alas #theevent will not be back on NBC next season but we r actively pursuing other avenues to keep the show alive.Stay tuned for more info!

The upfronts have come and gone but apparently hope is still alive for Eventers, according to this tweet from Mr. Wauters on May 27:

We are still investigating ways to bring The Event back. Will let u know when there is a significant update (good or bad). #theevent” and “Thanks everyone for the messages, questions and all your support! #theevent

In addition, there is still an ARG running over on the NBC site, again per Nick Wauters:

Have you found the translation of the Scroll? Go to, search Dempsey’s Office until it goes boom! #theevent

Things really picked up on June 1 when the Twitterverse and many large entertainment websites started sniffing something in the air and posted reports of a rumored pickup by Syfy. Those rumors were quashed, though, by a tweet from Syfy senior executive Craig Engler.

Tweeting as “Syfy”, Engler said:

To answer some questions I’ve been getting, at this time we have no plans to pick up The Event.

[The Shakedown]

Is The Event second-season, or even wrap-up made-for-tv movie -worthy? Not unlike FlashForward, its predecessor-apparent, the pilot was exceptional, but the remainder of the show never quite matched it. Still, it was entertaining and featured a few nice twists and a creditable cast. I’d be interested to see what they might do with some more time.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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