STAR WARS Fans Band Together To Help A Child in Need

Princess Leah is very sick with an as yet to be determined medical condition. In a bid to help her and her family, Falin Skirata has put together a fantastic charity auction to raise money for them in their time of need. We at Scifi Mafia wanted to help, so we’re passing the information along to all of you, our amazing readers. The details of the event are below.

DSB and his wife Frani have been spending every available moment at Princess Leah’s side. This has resulted in the two of them missing alot of work. Although they have great family medical insurance, it far from covers all the expenses related to keeping an infant in the NICU for an extended period.

In order to help Pricess Leah, DSB and Frani, I decided to do a prop raffle of one of my helmets. Since then, a few more friends have donated not only money but their skills with props they have to offer! It has grown and may continue to grow to a point I felt I needed to author a proper article for it and post it up for everyone!

First of all, let me explain the raffle, then the prizes!

Raffle entries are $5.00 each.

Persons may enter as many times as they wish!

The drawing will be done by a random generator on

Once the first prize is won, the winner will be removed from the drawing and prize 2 will be drawn. Once prize 2 is drawn the winner will be removed and prize 3 will be drawn and so on and so forth. At the time of this note, there are 5 prizes however, there may be more!

Once all the prizes are shipped, the money will be tallied minus the shipping expenses and a donation will be made to DSB, Frani and Princess Leah. If it’s possible to coordinate it, members of the Mandalorian Mercs costuming club will present the donation to the family on behalf of everyone who helps!

The raffle will be open for entries until 7-1-11

Now… how do you make your  raffle entry/donation?

Well, the preferred method is paypal for ease. However, donations can also be sent via money order.

Please paypal entries to

If you would like to send a money order, please contact me via private message for my mailing address.

Again, for each $5.00 donated, you will receive 1 entry.

$5.00 buys you one chance at these great prizes, $20.00 four chances, $100.00 20 chances etc!

When you donate via paypal, please select the “personal” option and send as a “gift”. Be sure to include your real name, Mercs name (if applicable) and Facebook name if applicable) so I can contact the winners!

I will be keeping track of the list of entries here on Facebook rather than on Mercs as I want to open this to as many people as possible!

Can I still donate if I do not want to enter the raffle?


If you are not interested in the prizes but would still like to donate, please go to SkyGunBro’s donation thread here…

If however you would like a chance at a prize in addition to the “feel good” of helping our friend, please enter the raffle/ donate here via the paypal address and instructions.

OR, feel free to do both!

Scifi Mafia’s thoughts are with Leah and her family. For more details on the auction and pics of all the prizes donated for the auction thus far at the Facebook page here. This little angel needs our help, guys. Now, go register for the auction for a chance to win some cool sh!t, and pass along the word to your friends and family.

If you want to follow Princess Leah’s status you can do so here.

Brandon Johnston
Written by Brandon Johnston

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