Recap, TV Spot and Clip as the Plague Descends Upon DEFIANCE

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Just as we suspected. That nasty plague that’s taking over our pals in San Francisco – in Defiance the game, of course – has made its way to Defiance, the former St. Louis and home to the TV series. More about that below; first we have one of Alak Tarr’s wrapup of what’s going on in Defiance, aka a recap of last week’s episode:

Featurette: Defiance – Episode 108 Recap

Now, about that plague… It’s a plausible way to infuse the look and feel of zombies into the show and game. Once the infected person reaches stage four, the plague has ravaged the victim’s body enough to give that classic zombie look, which is at least half the fun.

Here’s a trailer for the game that gives more info:

Featurette: Defiance – Intel: Plague Sieges

See, “they rise from their sickbeds, crazed and violent,” they don’t rise from the dead. Isn’t that lovely and clever? Although we have no way to personally blow up the flailers, sickos, and tremblers on the show, it’ll be interesting to see if the Defiance gang gets to do so.

Here’s the TV spot and “first four minutes” (this week it’s just over three minutes) of tonight’s new episode:

TV Spot: Defiance – Episode 109

Clip: Defiance – Episode 109 First “Four” Minutes

So, it’s only contagious to Iraths and humans, and only by contact. Makes me wonder if the Iraths sanitize their foreheads…

Defiance, starring Grant BowlerJulie BenzStephanie LeonidasTony CurranJaime MurrayGraham Greene, and Jesse Rath, airs Mondays at 9/8c on Syfy.

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