You requested it, so we made it happen! SciFiMafia presents the first MOB RULES: DVD Viewing Party of “The Crow”. How will we accomplish this feat? This viewing party will require use of your DVD player and your browser. Details below!


  • Mark your calendars for Sunday evening, April 11, 2010.
  • Meet up in the chat room promptly at 7pm ET (this puts you West Coast guys at 4pm).
  • We will all be hitting “Play” on our DVD players at the same exact moment, shortly after we are all logged in at chat room. (Use of chat room does require you to become a member.)
  • This viewing party will celebrate our fan appreciation of James O’Barr’s cult classic graphic novel and Alex Proyas’ 1994 film adaptation, starring Brandon Lee. We will simultaneously watch the movie and share our thoughts about it in the chat room.

This won’t be your ordinary chat and watch party. SciFi Mafia may have a few exclusive surprises up our sleeves for this event! Stay tuned for details.

UPDATE: We will be having a very special guest in the chat room with us on our first MOB RULES event.

James O’Barr will be hanging with us and answering questions in the SciFi Mafia chat room during the Mob Rules event! Add to the awesomeness of his presence, we will also be giving away a special prize to one lucky fan and access to a very special download!

Be sure to get your copy of “The Crow” before April 11th! Buy “The Crow” Miramax/Dimension Collector’s Series HERE.

Written by SciFiMafia

SciFi Mafia® Staff