Happy Hanukkah From SciFiMafia.com

Happy Hanukka (or Chanukah if you prefer) to all of our readers of the Jewish faith. For the non-Jewish readers, Hanukka is traditionally called “The Festival of Lights”, which includes the tradition of lighting the Menorah, one candle a night for eight nights. You’ll notice that Menorah’s have nine branches, the additional raised branch in the center is called a shamash, and is lit each night for the purpose of lighting the other branches.

May I suggest we do a Sci-Fi upgrade on this ancient tradition and replace the Menorah with some Lightsabers? Check out the image below (found via twitpic)

That’s the future of Hanukka right there!

May this Festival of Lights bring happiness and blessings to you all.

Happy Hanukka!



Written by SciFiMafia

SciFi Mafia® Staff