Get an Inside Look at ORPHAN BLACK’s Cal, Alison’s Drunken Performance and More

Orphan Black the new season wide

What did you think of Alison’s stage performance on last week’s Orphan Black? Hilarious, sad, cringe-worthy? Take a look inside the episode in the featurette and relive its horribleness in the clip below. There are also two featurettes about Kira’s newly-revealed father, and a TV spot for tonight’s new episode, “Governed as it Were by Chance.”

Check them all out after a look at some intriguing preview screen shots:

"Orphan Black - No Bad Ideas" Ep 204 D02 Photo: Jan Thijs 2013OB2_EP204_DAY1_NOV24_0047.JPGOrphan Black 204 Sarah KiraOB2_EP204_DAY1_NOV24_0127.JPG

Featurette: Orphan Black – Inside Alison’s Musical ‘Blood Ties’

Clip: Orphan Black – Alison’s Drunk Musical Performance and Fall

Featurette: Orphan Black – Inside Look: Sarah + Cal

Featurette: Orphan Black – Extended Inside Look: Cal’s Caught in Sarah’s Trouble

TV Spot: Orphan Black – 204

“Dad, it’s awake.” Ouch. Poor Helena.

Orphan Black Season 2, starring Tatiana MaslanyJordan GavarisSkyler WexlerMaria Doyle KennedyDylan BruceMatt FrewerEvelyne BrochuKristian BruunKevin HanchardMichiel Huisman, and Peter Outerbridge, airs Saturdays at 9/8c on BBC America.

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