Exclusive Preview of Jimmy Palmiotti and Steve Niles’ CREATOR OWNED HEROES

Last week, we brought you an exclusive interview with Jimmy Palmiotti at Dallas Comic Con and his new collaborative project with Justin Gray, Phil Noto, Steve Niles, Kevin Mellon, and Bill Tortolini, Creator Owned Heroes. Thanks to our friend, Jimmy, we can give our readers an exciting special preview of this comic book/ magazine published by Image Comics.

Creator Owned Heroes #1 features:

  • Triggergirl 6 by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray with art by Phil Noto about a genetically engineered assassin who “takes a personal interest in her target only to uncover a conspiracy that may change the fate of the entire human race.”
  • American Muscle by Steve Niles and art by Kevin Mellon. “The world ended a long time ago. How it happened exactly and what exists in the wasteland has always been a mystery. Now Chloe, Gil and a gang of rebels have escaped the last human stronghold and are blazing across Post-Apocalypse America in search of paradise.”
  • A special interview with Neil Gaiman.
  • Spotlight on cosplay, featuring twin designers Alex and Juli Abene.
  • And so much more!

Check out the first three pages of Triggergirl 6 and American Muscle as well as an intro to Creator Owned Heroes by Palmiotti below:

[Click Images To Blow Sh!t Up]


[Above: First 3 pages of Triggergirl 6; Below: First 3 pages of American Muscle]

[Below: Jimmy Palmiotti introduces you to Creator Owned Heroes]

Triggergirl 6 and American Muscle will run through issue 4 and then new stories will begin, featuring other artists with stories by Palmiotti, Niles, and Gray.

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Creator Owned Heroes #1 is available this Wednesday, June 6, 2012, at a comic book retailer near you and on Comixology. Get your pre-orders for future issues in today!

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