Who Watches the Watchmen on DVD?

Making it’s way to stores on July 28th, a couple of days after the San Diego Comic Con is what is arguably one of the best comic book adaptations of this decade with Zack Snyder’s Watchmen. The complex and engaging story from Warner Bros will be packed up in a neat little package, the selections being 1 disc DVD, 2 disc Director’s Cut and 2 disc Director’s Cut on Blu-Ray.

What extras are you in for? Well, the full thirty minutes of the production video journals, the director’s cut with around 25 minutes of additional footage, My Chemical Romance’s Snyder directed music video of Desolation Row, a digital copy and The Phenomenon: The Comic that changed Comics.

Check out the covers below



Blu-Ray has even more, packing on all of those extras including Mechanics: Technologies of a Fascinating World and Real Super Heroes, Real Vigilantes featurettes.
The single disc director’s cut with no features will run you $28.99, while the 2-disc special edition is $34.99 with Blu-ray one dollar higher.

So was Watchmen long enough for you to begin with or are you ready for more?

Written by SciFiMafia

SciFi Mafia® Staff