Web Series Wednesday: DEFIANCE: THE LOST ONES

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Welcome back to the series of posts here at SciFi Mafia that we’re calling Web Series Wednesday where we devote a space to the wonderment of the web series. Every Wednesday we’ll cover an awesome web series and give you all the info to get into it.

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This week we’re covering The Defiance Minisodes.

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Are you watching Defiance on Syfy? Admittedly, I haven’t been. But I’ve tackled this group of minisodes they’ve just released and I’ve got two distinct opinions based on my limited (well, completely null and void) knowledge of the show. First, if you’re a fan of the show, you will love these minisodes because it follows Season 1 and leads you into this summer’s premiere of Season 2.

Secondly, if you’ve never watched the show and maybe judged it too quickly based on appearance (sheepishly raising hand) then take a few minutes out of your day and watch the first couple of these minisodes. Yeah, you’re probably not going to understand what’s going on, but these are the things you need to look out for: acting, makeup and writing. These are the thing I thought would turn me off, but have instead impressed me. I’m not going to watch all the minisodes, cause I have Season 1 to catch up on. Here’s the first minisode:

You can see all five of the minisodes here.

I give Defiance: The Lost Ones minisodes Five out of Five Stars.



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Written by Jess Orso

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