VENTURE BROS Season 4.1 Premieres Tonight!

Woah, Nelly! The Venture Bros. start off their fourth season on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, TONIGHT!  Well, technically, it’s tomorrow EST, but it’s today premiering at 11pm CST and so on.  Series co-creator Jackson Publick is calling this first part of season four, season 4.1 so we’ll go with that designation.  The season premiere ep is entitled, “Blood of the Father, Heart of Steel.”  Adult Swim will air 8 new eps this year and 8 more for the second half of season 4 next summer (designated Season 4.2).

Here’s a sneak peek of the new Monarch Mobile below! (Click to embiggen)

Venture Bros New MonarchMobile

In case you missed this in the Fall TV Preview, here’s the trailer for this upcoming fourth season of animated awesomeness:

[Source] JacksonPublick, AC

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