Universal Wants Roland Emmerich to Direct ASTEROIDS

Two years ago, we brought you the news when Universal Pictures won a four studio bidding war for the rights to the classic Atari video game Asteroids. At that time, Matthew Lopez (The Race to Witch Mountain) was set to write the script, and Lorenzo di Bonaventura (Transformers: Dark of the Moon) was set to produce the film.

Now, NY Mag reports that Mr. Disasterpalooza himself, director Roland Emmerich (Anonymous) is being courted by Universal to helm the film. Back in 2009, we brought you an interview with Emmerich, where he stated that his most recent disaster film, 2012 would be his final disaster movie. Of course our next question would be “does taking on Asteroids mean he’s going back on his word”, and the answer to that is reportedly not, because Asteroids is set after the destruction of Earth.

Asteroids is said to be something of a bizarro world replacement sequel to previous Emmerich films like Independence Day and 2012, where the aliens won and the remnants of human civilization are now living on far-flung colonies within an asteroid belt alongside aliens. The survivors were led to believe that this alien civilization was benevolent, rescuing them from doom, but ultimately discover that the aliens have engineered Earth’s destruction, and soon will do the same for the rest of humankind.

Asteroids is slated to hit theaters in 2014.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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