Two New Featurettes and a TV Spot to Ease the Pain of Missing FRINGE

Oh Fringe, how we miss you. Thank you for the excellent season finale, but we don’t know how we can cope with the wait through summer until we finally reach fall, and your return. Wait, what? You’re giving us one more “Noble Intentions”? And a “Fans Ask: Season 4” tantalizingly subtitled “Part 1”? AND a TV spot promoting the upcoming finale season? YAY! THANK YOU!

Featurette: Fringe – Noble Intentions: Brave New World

Featurette: Fringe – Fans Ask: Season 4 (Part 1)

TV Spot: Fringe – Returns Fridays This Fall

Okay, that definitely helped. And yet makes us miss it even more at the same time. Guess we’d better watch these videos again.

Fringe, starring Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, and John Noble, returns for its fifth and final season this fall on Fox.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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