Tron’s Legacy – Details and Images from Comic-Con

Over at Comic-Con, the Disney crew rolled through some news and footage for A Christmas Carol and Alice in Wonderland before releasing the news that Tr2n or Tron 2 or whatever the hell they were calling it before has been renamed “Tron Legacy”

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Also, reporting from Comic-Con, Cinematical had the following details on Tron Legacy;

  • The film’s title positions the film to be a follow-up without being “just” a sequel. It seems like the film will provide longtime fans with a familiar lexicon of Tron imagery while introducing updated characters, vehicles and locations to new audiences.
  • Original music played over the image that revealed the film’s title, presumably by composing team Daft Punk, which combined their trademark futuristic sounds with classic audio cues from 1980s video games. Steven Lisberger, the writer-director who created the original Tron 27 years ago, said that the film offered a personal rejuvenation of his creativity, in addition to just resuscitating the characters and universe for audiences.

“We got to get to this frontier first and we got to dream big,” he said in reference to the ’82 film. “[But now,] we just scanned Jeff Bridges for real and put him on the game grid.”

Disney screened two clips, including a 3D version of the teaser that was created especially for Comic-Con last year (which looked terrific).

The second clip was a scene in which Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) revisited his father’s arcade, which looks identical to the set in the first film, albeit slightly older and more dust-covered. The best moment comes when Sam tries to play the original Tron video game, which looks just like it did 27 years ago, complete with primitive graphics.

The following image is concept art of Flynn’s Generation 2 Light Cycle, which is the so-called “fastest light cycle on the grid.”


I think the name is cool and far and away better than their play on words with TR2N and simply going for Tron II or Tron 2 and all of the details on the film thus far sound kick ass and the lightcycle looks cool.. this is another movie I’m hoping and praying doesn’t let me down.

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