Tron 2 Goes Viral & ‘Flynn Lives’


Several different web sites were sent envelopes containing the two arcade tokens shown below for the once thought to be mythical Flynn’s Arcade. The Flynn’s that is the “Home of Tron” from the original movie.


In addition to the tokens, there was also a thumb drive with an image that is a coded animated gif. Check that out below.


All together there were 5 different .gif’s sent to 5 different sites and the folks over at Macheist deciphered the HTML code from the 5 Gif’s. When the HTML is put together it creates a web page with a table in the middle containing letters and numbers to decipher the message below. When deciphered, it spells out “Flynn Lives.”

The website is up and running. If you click the little bouncing spider thing at the bottom of the page, a countdown timer pops up that everyone is assuming counts down to the big event happening on Thursday night in San Diego at Comic-Con. They have also found that is live and provides info on Flynn’s old arcade from the original Tron movie but not much more (yet).

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