The New JARVIS App Is As Close As You’ll Get To Being Iron Man

Iron Man 3 logo 2 wide

With the imminent release of this summer’s blockbuster sensation, Iron Man 3, on Blu-ray and DVD, Marvel has released a very cool app that gives you access to JARVIS (voiced by Paul Bettany). It will also accompany your Blu-ray experience should you choose to experience the movie that way and it also has loads of other cool features.

Here are all the ins and outs of the app in this featurette followed by a few screen shots. Please note that, due to the length of the video, you’ll see a commercial pop up at the 7 minute mark, but don’t worry, when it’s over the featurette picks up right where it left off.

Featurette: Iron Man 3 – JARVIS App

Jarvis App 1 Iron Man 3Jarvis App 2 Iron Man 3Jarvis App 3 Iron Man 3

Click here for the link to download this extremely cool app.
Iron Man 3 comes out on DVD and Blu-ray on September 24th.

Jess Orso
Written by Jess Orso

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