The Dropship: The 100 Podcast – Episodes 315-316 (Season 3 Finale)

All right, we’re finally admitting it: Season 3 of The CW series The 100 is over, and we won’t be treated to Season 4 until 2017. What makes it so much harder to bear is that this also means that the final Season 3 episode analysis podcast of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast has also been posted. The good news is that hosts AJ Mass and Jo Garfein fill our greedy ears with over two hours of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast goodness. All episodes of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast are available to download and/or listen to on these official links to Podbean and iTunes.

If you haven’t listened to any other The Dropship podcasts, or if you aren’t particularly active on social media, there are three things you should know. First, don’t be thrown off at the beginning by the information about the Cancer Gets LOST charity auction. Cancer Gets LOST is the charity run by The Dropship host Jo Garfein, and the auction, which opens August 15, 2016 (8/15/16 – get it, Lost fans?), will be amazing – the link to the site is here. Included in the auction will be a number of The 100-related items, many of them autographed by writers and stars of the show.

The season finale podcast may be the last episode analysis podcast. But Jo and AJ do plan to continue occasional cast interviews on the podcast in 2017, during Season 4. SciFi Mafia adores and supports Jo and AJ as wonderful humans and wonderful hosts, and posts only the APPROVED AND OFFICIAL LINKS to the podcast. If you aren’t listening to The Dropship: The 100 Podcast via Podbean or iTunes, you are not listening to the official podcast. Listening to the podcast is free, so why not listen through an official link?

We ask that you please don’t listen to this or any episode of The Dropship before watching the episodes they discuss! Unless of course you are okay with spoilers; we understand that choice. But you have been warned! And yes, this warning extends to all the interviews, because they discuss the episodes that had aired to date.

Finally, do listen to this podcast; it’s one of the best of the season. It is packed full of insights, love for the show and all involved in it, fair criticism, and honest emotion. If you haven’t seen the season finale in a while, prepare to relive it in your mind through this excellent discussion.

Here’s the short and sweet synopsis of the finale podcast; you’ll find the direct link to the Podbean episode in the title:

Episode 315-316 Analysis (May 23, 2016): This is it gang! The end of Season 3. What a journey it has been! We thank you for coming along for the ride with us… May we meet again! 

SciFi Mafia can’t possibly thank Jo and AJ enough for making SFM the home of the podcast, and for entertaining and enlightening us throughout Season 3 of The 100.

Feel free to comment here about any of the podcasts, but please note: SciFi Mafia has a zero-tolerance policy for personal attacks and insults, whether aimed directly at Jo and AJ or the cast and creative team from The 100. We politely ask that you please listen to entire podcast episodes before responding. As always, constructive feedback and conversation in the comments section is encouraged. So do that!

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