The Dropship: The 100 Podcast – Episodes 311-313 Plus Cast Interviews

It’s time to get caught up with all things The Dropship: The 100 Podcast here on SciFi Mafia, where all future episode links will also be posted! Hosts AJ Mass and Jo Garfein have been working away and have now posted analyses for Episodes 311 through 313 of The CW series The 100.

But wait, there’s more! They’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing Lindsey Morgan (Raven Reyes), Adina Porter (Indra), and Toby Levins (Emerson). All episodes of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast are available to download and/or listen to on Podbean and iTunes.

Before we get to the links and synopses, here’s something non-spoilery that you can do to show your The 100 fandomness and do good at the same time: order a The Dropship t-shirt or sweatshirt! But hurry, you can only order until May 16!

One more non-spoilery thing: upcoming guests on The Dropship include Christopher Larkin (Monty) and Devon Bostick (Jasper)!

All right, now you can check out the synopses of the podcasts below, but only if you’ve seen the episodes! And yes, this warning extends to the interview synopses! They’re listed in order they were recorded, along with the dates and specific links, so check the date and make sure you’ve watched the episode that aired just prior, before plunging in to a synopsis, and especially before plunging in to an analysis or interview! Got it? Good:

Episode 311 Analysis: (April 17, 2016) “Nevermore” will you have to wait to hear what AJ and Jo had to say about Episode 311 of The 100. Just press play to hear the latest round of crazy theories, as well as a recap of the “truth bombs” that ALIE-in-Raven was laying down, the final showdown between Monty and his Mom, and how in the heck our gang is going to get out the predicament they currently find themselves in. Listen together, fans, because that’s how you’re going to survive!

Interview with Lindsey Morgan: (April 17, 2016) If you’ve been following the life and times of Raven Reyes on The 100, you know that there’s a tendency for bad things to befall the character on the regular. Rest assured, no Ravens were harmed in the recording of this interview with the brilliantly talented Lindsey Morgan. We are thrilled to have gotten the opportunity to talk on the phone with Lindsey, who was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule on location as she films her latest project.

Interview with Adina Porter: (April 18, 2016) True Blood must have True Blood! And the Dropship simply had to have Adina Porter on as a guest. Find out all about what it takes to play a character like Indra and what it is like to have to learn a brand new language in order to do your job.

Episode 312 Analysis: (April 26, 2016) I know what you did last Thursday… you watched Episode 312 of “The 100” and found out that the biggest demon of all came in an Emerson-sized package. Grab your throne, scream like Harper, follow the creepy music and join Jo and AJ as they delve into all of the latest insane theories that emerged from the terrifying lunacy that was this episode.

Interview with Toby Levins: (May 1, 2016) Emerson’s stay on “The 100” came to an end in an episode that had fans and cast members alike holding their breath. The good news is that Toby Levins is still very much alive, and far less deranged and evil than his TV counterpart. Join AJ and Jo as they get inside the mind of the last survivor of Mt. Weather. Twitter: Toby is @TobesLevins. EMERSON LIVES video can be found here:

Episode 313 Analysis: (May 2, 2016) Safe passage shall be yours. All you have to do is drink this strange potion and you’ll be transported away to AJ and Jo’s take on “Join or Die.” Flashbacks to the Ark, the Scooby Gang encountering the SCUBA gang, and the streets of Polis filled with the blood of dissenters from Stage 2 of ALIE’s master plan. It’s getting crazy, gang. Join us… or, you know…

The Dropship: The 100 Podcast is a must-listen for all fans of The 100 and/or of excellent and intelligent discussions of excellent and intelligent TV series. We here at SciFi Mafia couldn’t be more thrilled for Jo and AJ on their well-deserved five-out-of-five-stars podcast rating on iTunes.

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