The Dropship: The 100 Podcast – Episodes 309 and 310

If you are one of the three fans of The 100 who isn’t a subscriber to the exceptional episode analysis podcast known as The Dropship: The 100 Podcast, thank goodness we’ve found you. We’re here to help! Trust us, you will be grateful to have found it here on SciFi Mafia, where all future episode links will also be posted!

On the latest episodes of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast, hosts AJ Mass and Jo Garfein analyze Episodes 309 and 310 of The CW series The 100 at length, in episode-dedicated podcasts.

The latest, and in fact all, episodes of The Dropship: The 100 Podcast are available to download and/or listen to on Podbean and iTunes.

If you’re a newcomer to the podcast, these podcast synopses will give you a taste of what to expect (and of course, don’t be reading these if you haven’t yet watched the episodes!):

Episode 309 Analysis: Who else needs a bath? We’re back from our two-week hiatus and, as has become all-too-customary on #The100, we’re forced to deal with yet another emotional character death. Join Jo and AJ as they unpack Episode 309 “Stealing Fire” – the stunning end to the Conclave, the new job title bestowed upon Clarke, and how it felt to watch along with Octavia as THAT happened.

Episode 310 Analysis: Join Jo and AJ as they fall for “Fallen” – Episode 310 of The 100. In this podcast, we’ll discuss the greatness that is Raven Reyes, the not-so-greatness that is Momma Monty, and all things siblings Blake. Raise your hand if you’re not really a flamekeeper! Why is nobody raising their hands?

If you’re a longtime fan of the podcast, you’ll know that they’ve been able to snag some of the best interviews of castmembers and writers, and even the showrunner. Jo and AJ are still waiting to confirm their next special guests, although Jo’s latest tweet reports the possibility of — well, look:

That would be so great! But even without special guests, the podcasts are must-listen for all fans of The 100 and/or excellent and intelligent discussions of excellent and intelligent TV series. We here at SciFi Mafia couldn’t be more thrilled for Jo and AJ on their well-deserved five-out-of-five-stars podcast rating on iTunes.

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