Super 8: New Clues In The Viral Campaign For J.J. Abrams’ Secret Project

The viral campaign for J.J. Abrams secret film project, Super 8 has taken yet another step forward. Last we reported, a series of frames at the end of the teaser trailer spelled out ScariestThingIEverSaw. That led people to the website of the same name which contained a count down clock which recently expired.

The countdown expiration has opened up yet another section of that website, which led to a command prompt screen for the PDP-11 console. The only command they have found to produce any results so far is “PRINT RSCOM8″, which gave them two images below.

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They are mocked-up newspaper pages, one features an ad for a treat called Rocket Poppeteers (Much like Slusho from Cloverfield, there is a website for Rocket Poppeteers but it’s currently down). The other is an excerpt from President John F. Kennedy’s “Radio and Television Address to the American People on the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty” that occurred on July 26, 1963.

There are marks that were found on each page (the letter ‘X’) and if you flip one page on top of the other, the marks align and the strikeouts on the pages appear to highlight certain words in the speech…

The words –

no certainty if a live may be after us we go underground

One combination they found to make the most sense is “No certainty if alive, may be after us, we go underground.” Which sounds a bit like ‘decoded’ Morse code. There is also a P.O. Box in Minot, ND on the Poppeteers ad .. do we dare fill it out and send it in? Of course we will.

The fine folks at WikiBruce and the always intrepid, Unfiction forum members were the first to uncover all of this and and Dan over at MovieViral wrapped it all up in a pretty package for the world to peruse… so hats off to all of them!

Super 8 is slated to hit theaters in 2011

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