Spielberg & Noah Wyle Bringing Alien Invasion Series To TNT

Spielberg’s love affair with aliens seems unrelenting. He is one of the few people that you can usually trust to deliver some great sci-fi alien films, so we are pretty jazzed that he’s heading into television with an alien invasion story.


Apparently Steven Spielberg already has a lead actor in mind to head up the show. Apparently Noah Wyle’s turn as ‘The Librarian’ has earned him the admiration of Spielberg, or maybe it was his years playing Dr. Carter in ‘ER’ that caught his eye… either way, Noah is Spielberg’s man.

The untitled alien invasion pilot is being developed for TNT and the story takes place six months after evil extra terrestrials decimate mankind. Wyle will play the leader of a ragtag group of citizens who try to bring down the invading E.T.’s (so to speak)

You really can’t go wrong with Spielberg and Aliens. While I don’t dislike Wyle, I’m wondering if he can really carry a show like this? I guess we’ll find out!

[Source] EW

Jason Moore
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