SCIFI MAFIA CHRISTMAS LOOT: Day Twelve – Travel With The Doctor In The Tardis Four-Port USB Hub

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Doctor Who fans, heads up!  On Day Twelve of SciFi Mafia’s 21 Days of Christmas Loot, travel through time and space as the Time Lord of your very own Tardis Four-Port UBS Hub!

Loot tardis_hub

Here’s the official description of this techie piece of geekdom:

Throughout infinite time and space, you can always use more USB ports

Loot tardis_hub_portsI seek audience with the ThinkGeek Consciousness under peaceful contract, according to Convention Fifteen of the Shadow Proclamation. This is the vehicle of the Time Lord. TARDIS, or Time And Relative Dimension In Space has its chameleon circuit broken, so it’s stuck looking like an old British Police box from Earth year zero-point-five-slash-apple-slash-five-zero, or 1950 by local reckoning. That, and it’s become a 4 port USB hub a mere 11 centimeters tall.

This little blue box, really an immense multi-dimensional starship capable of ludicrous speeds, sits benignly on your desk, acting as a mere conduit of digital information for your computer. 480 megabits per second of data are shared amongst its four USB 2.0 ports along the base. Press the panel on the face, and the blue-glowing light pulsates and the Tardis’ engine fires up. Don’t worry, while the engine grinds away, we’ve time-locked the Tardis so it stays put – we don’t want any accidental paradoxes, thank you.

It’s not every day you can have your own piece of the Untempered Schism right there on your desktop, so be careful how you use it. The Bad Wolf is watching.


  • The official Doctor Who Tardis Hub.
  • A 4 port USB hub replicating the 1950s Police phonebox Tardis from the show.
  • A flashing lantern on the Tardis’ roof.
  • A time-travelling sound effect.
  • The light and sound effects are triggered when a USB device is plugged into the port.
  • Sound effects are optional and are controlled via an on/off switch.
  • No software required.
  • Suitable for both PCs and Mac.
  • Suitable for ages 8 years+.
  • Tardis: 11 x 6 x 6cm
  • USB Cable: 140cm.

Buy the Doctor Who Tardis Four-Port USB Hub here for $29.99!

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