SCIFI MAFIA CHRISTMAS LOOT: Day Thirteen – Wear Your Browncoat Pride!

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On Day Thirteen of SciFi Mafia’s 21 Days of Christmas Loot, we celebrate all the Browncoats in the ‘verse with these Serenity/Firefly tee-shirts!  These are three of the best tee designs we’ve found.

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Here are descriptions of these shirt designs:



This first tee design is pretty self-explanatory in its color and slogan. It reads a playful “I aim to misbehave” across the back!  What Browncoat could be without this one?

Buy this “Browncoat- I Aim To Misbehave” tee for $16.58 here.

Loot serenity chineseshirt

Serenity- Speaking Chinese T-Shirt

Serenity Speaking Chinese T-Shirt. We all know that 500 years in the future, we will all speak a rather strange dialect of Chinese that is compromised almost entirely of insults and colorful metaphors. To help us all prepare for that day, the Fruity Oaty Bar Girls themselves help us learn to speak Chinese on this new public service t-shirt! 100% cotton, high quality black t-shirt.

Buy this “Serenity- Speaking Chinese” tee for $16.99 here.

loot inevitablebetrayal tees

Inevitable Betrayal T-Shirt

“We will rule over all this land, and we will call it… this land.”

Just like British actors in American film, poor theropods always end up playing the bad guys. At the beginning of the pilot for Firefly (well, okay, after the beginning beginning), Wash has those plastic dinosaurs, one of which is a Tyrannosaurus or an Allosaurus. Either way, it’s a theropod that’s about to be vilified. Let’s face it. Whenever you have two plastic dinosaurs together, you know it’s gonna end with one of them being eaten, so if you’ve got a carnivore and an herbivore, you know who has the upper … er… appendage. Especially since the Stegosaurus is all, “Ehn. Ehn. I gots only orthal movements in mah jaw. Ehn.” We just hope the Stegosaurus got to use the thagomizer (Gary Larson should get to name all these things) before its untimely end.

A speech bubble that reads “Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal” hangs over two cream-colored dinosaurs under a floating Serenity logo on a chocolate brown 100% cotton shirt (available also in a babydoll, fitted style).

Note: This product runs larger than our normal babydolls. Please reference the size table to choose your size.

Buy this “Inevitable Betrayal” tee for $18.99-20.99 (depending on size) here.

This design is also available in babydoll style for $14.99-20.99 (depending on size) here (ON SALE! Originally was $19.99-20.99).

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