Production Begins on Season 4 of THE WALKING DEAD, Celebrate With Zombie School Featurette


Production has now officially begun on Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Another summer in Hotlanta for our intrepid crew, minus a few more original characters. Will the war between the Governor and the prison escalate? Will the new prison-ers be a help or a hindrance? How will they explain Carl looking several months older?

We won’t know for quite some time, but AMC is tossing us a bone by releasing this great featurette of executive producer and special effects guru Greg Nicotero taking a new batch of zombie wannabes through their dragging, clawing paces.

Featurette: The Walking Dead – Season 4 Zombie School

It’s notable that the publicity for The Walking Dead Season 4 had been stating it’s coming in October but now says “fall” – here’s hoping that means we may be getting it earlier. We’ll definitely keep you posted.

Season 4 of The Walking Dead, starring Andrew LincolnNorman ReedusSteven YeunLauren CohanMelissa McBrideChandler RiggsDanai GuriraScott WilsonChad ColemanSonequa Martin-GreenEmily Kinney, and David Morrissey, premieres this fall on AMC.

Erin Willard
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