PIXAR and LUXO Settle Legal Dispute

Back in September we told you about the creators of the Luxo Lamp (Norwegian lampmaker Luxo AS) bringing a trademark lawsuit against Pixar and owner Walt Disney Co., claiming that they had infringed Luxo’s brand by selling functioning, special-edition lamps bearing the Luxo Jr. name and using a six-foot animatronic version in the Walt Disney World theme park.


Now we’ve  learned that the parties have reached an amicable settlement and the lawsuit has been withdrawn. Disney will stay out of the lighting business, and for now we hear that Luxo doesn’t have any problem with “artistic renditions” of the lamp.

Luxo Jr. will remain the Pixar icon, and the animatronic Luxo can keep dancing for the crowds at Disney’s theme parks.

Jason Moore
Written by Jason Moore

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