Noble Intentions Featurette and Clips for Tonight’s FRINGE Season Finale Part One

Please allow me to say it once more – THANK FOX we’re getting one more season of Fringe! This week and next would be pure agony, watching the season finale, knowing that it would be the series finale – it’s too horrible to think about. Instead, we can rejoice, and sit back, or forward, and enjoy part one of the season finale tonight.

To get us ready, here is one of the best “Noble Intentions” featurettes I’ve ever seen. Like every other “Noble Intentions,” this one is about Walter in the previous week’s episode. This time, though, it’s about the so-very-touching scenes between Walter and Walternate that the amazing Mr. Noble gave us in last week’s farewell to the alt-verse, “Worlds Apart”:

Featurette: FRINGE – Noble Intentions: “Worlds Apart”

And here are three clips – not very spoilery, by the way, just lovely – from tonight’s new episode “Brave New World, Part 1”:

Clips: FRINGE – Preview #1 from “Brave New World: Part 1”

Clips: FRINGE – Preview #2 from “Brave New World: Part 1”

Clips: FRINGE – Preview #3 from “Brave New World: Part 1”

Yes indeedy, this is the episode with Charlotte S. Lewis herself, Rebecca Mader, and oh dear, she appears to once again be in peril. Now if she were on some lesser show, they might make her have a bloody nose, but not our Fringe, they know better than to club us over the head with an all-too-obvious Lost reference. Bless ’em.

Fringe, starring Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, John Noble, Jasika Nicole, and Lance Reddick, airs Fridays at 9/8c on Fox.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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