News Of Doctor Who Movie And Doctor Who Panel Comic-Con ‘09

So we’ve been waiting for news on this David Tennant Doctor Who movie and they did indeed give us news at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 (See part 1).  Watch the entire Doctor Who Panel below.

The panel includes: Julie Gardner (executive producer), Euros Lyn (director), David Tennant (actor), and Russell T. Davies (producer, writer)

Part 1 of 6:  Introductions & No announcements about Doctor Who movie… yet!

Part 2 of 6:  Panel’s personal fandom of Doctor Who & Passion for the show of the crew

Part 3 of 6:  Guinness World Records presents panel with award of The Most Sci-Fi Show on Television, Doctor Who is a Browncoat? & the changing of the Doctor mantle

Part 4 of 6:  Could there be something for the 50th anniversary for Doctor Who in 2013?  & The Doctor to appear in the Sarah Jane Adventures

Part 5 of 6:  Tennant’s training as an Elizabethan actor influencing his performance & Future roles for David

Part 6 of 6:  David’s advice to Matt Smith & What would David teach as a teacher?

Psst! Trailers for last Tennant Doctor Who specials is next!

[Source] Youtube

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