New Images From ‘Avatar’ Game

Director James Cameron has done a pretty good job of keeping people from figuring out what he’s up to with his new movie Avatar. In fact, even though it’s being released this fall we’ve seen pretty much, well, nothing. Luckily the people working on the video game adaptation of his film are a little freer with the first looks. has a first look at the Avatar video game, in the form of three still photos which, give you a really great idea of what Cameron’s up to with the look of his movie.




Avatar takes place on an alien jungle world where humans inhabit the bodies of aliens to walk the jungle and research the natives. You won’t see any of the natives in the photos, but you will see plenty of jungle, creatures, and some of the vehicles used by the humans including one of those mechanized suits which Cameron always seems to love.


Written by SciFiMafia

SciFi Mafia® Staff