New Clips from the Holiday Episodes of EUREKA, WAREHOUSE 13 and HAVEN

We have to hand it to Syfy. They have a great lineup of holiday treats for us, starting with three nights in a row of excellent original programming. We’ve been telling you about the Neverland miniseries that starts this Sunday, December 4 and concludes the next night, Monday, December 5.

The very next day would ordinarily be a letdown, but no! Syfy has scheduled three fan favorite series’ brand new holiday episodes next. AND they’re doing it all in one night, just like Scrooge’s ghosts! How appropriately seasonal! It all happens Tuesday, December 6 and starts with Eureka at 8/7c, then Warehouse 13 at 9/8c, and concluding with Haven’s first Christmas episode at 10/9c.

They look pretty great. Wanna see?

We’ll see different styles of animation – and animation and Christmas specials go together like cookies and Christmas – on the Eureka episode. Here’s one of them:

Pete gets himself It’s-a-Wonderful-Life-d in Warehouse 13‘s offering:

And in Haven, no one except Audrey has a problem with Christmas happening in July:

The holiday episodes air on Tuesday, December 6 as follows: Eureka at 8/7c, Warehouse 13 at 9/8c, and Haven at 10/9c on Syfy.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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