MEOW! Could Emily Blunt Play Catwoman In Batman 3?

Did Emily Blunt (The Wolfman), who passed on the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2 in favor playing Princess of Lilliputia in Gulliver’s Travels, also pass on the role of Peggy Carter in Marvel’s The First Avenger: Captain America to play another role, perhaps Catwoman in Nolan’s Batman 3?

Batman-On-Film received a tip from “This dude (who’s pretty damned tuned into the Hollywood grapevine”, who speculates that one of the reasons Ms. Blunt turned down the role is because she may have her eye set on playing Selina Kyle in BATMAN 3…if Chris Nolan uses the character, of course.

Both Batman-On-Film and their source (obviously) classify this as a rumor, and this far out you would almost have to. It is interesting to note that Blunt was offered the role of Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight after the departure of Katie Holmes, but she had to pass due to a scheduling conflict. Could Nolan have kept her in mind to crack the whip in Batman 3? Stay tuned to find out!

[Source] Batman-On-Film

Jason Moore
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