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Awesome! A distinguished guest who showed up at the X-Men Origins: spawn_01Wolverine premiere in Tempe, Arizona earlier this week was comic mastermind Todd McFarlane. Our friends at IESB were in attendance and got him to talk about all the latest on Spawn, and it sounds like there is definitely another new Spawn movie in the works. McFarlane said that he’s got five offers on the table, ranging from big studios and big budgeted productions with a lot of special effects, to low budget, small ideas, including one that he even wants to direct himself. If you’re a fan of the Spawn franchise, then you’ll want to hear this!

McFarlane says that while he’s got those big budget offers on the table, he’s leaning towards the smaller project because he could potentially write and direct it. If he goes with something bigger, they’ll only let him produce. Since he has two teenage daughters, he wants an idea for a Spawn movie that they would actually go see with their dates (don’t worry, that sounds worse than it really is). McFarlane wants to “keep it down, keep it dark, keep it grungy,” this time. “Think Departed with something moving in the shadows.”

It’s not a ‘comic book movie,’ it’s just a scary movie, a creepy movie. Everything’s real except for one element, which happens to be the character we know as Spawn. So it’s not going to be supervillain vs superhero or any of that stuff, it’s just going to be a ‘tight’ movie.”

That sounds like a very interesting way of bringing Spawn back and it’s actually something I’d love to see. Although the Spawn movie from 1997 wasn’t very well received by fans or critics, I’m personally still a fan of the character and would love to see him back on the big screen, in any form. McFarlane is only credited as a director on a music video, so while he’s got at least some minor experience, if this actually comes together, it will be both his screenwriting and directing debut. I think it’s a bit too optimistic to hope that we’ll see McFarlane write or direct this, but at the very least I’m certainly excited to see Spawn return once again.

I’m sure hardcore Spawn fans still want to see a big budget movie, but with so many comic book movies these days, I’m afraid it would get screwed up, like Punisher or Catwoman. Maybe it’s best to let the creator do what he wants with his own character. We’ll find out in due time which offer McFarlane chooses, so until then, let us know what you think. Are you looking forward to seeing another Spawn movie?

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