Marvel gives us some Retro X-Men! has decided to stream the Original X-Men Animated Series on it’s site, check out the Official Press Release below;

7797header_banner0934817 Streams Classic 1990s X-Men Animated Show for Free

Calling all Mutants! Every Tuesday, ( will stream episodes from the X-Men animated series that launched in 1992. Relive the adventure, excitement and that awesome theme song every week starting today, April 28!

Watch episode 1, “Night of the Sentinels” Part 1, for free right now at

Episode 1, “Night of the Sentinels,” Part 1: After being attacked by a group of robots known as the Sentinels, Jubilation Lee meets the X-Men, a group of super heroes aiming for peace between mutants and the rest of society.

Plus, check out these other shows, already streaming for free on

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We have decided to put the first Episode below, so you can check it out here!

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