Joss Whedon’s ASTONISHING X-MEN Motion Comic Online Now!


Don’t think Joss Whedon is down for the count.  He’s got his hands in many other projects like the graphic novel, “Astonishing X-Men”, that we have reporting on.  “Astonishing X-Men” has now been made into a Motion Comic that is now available on Hulu.  The “Astonishing X-Men” motion comic was created by comics artist Neal Adams with Continuity Studios and written by Joss Whedon with art by John Cassaday.

Marvel is hopes this new approach to comics will change the paradigm for comic reading in the future.  A motion comic is in essence, a video created with the artwork and text of the comics, presented in a more dynamic format.

Adams refers to this arc of “Astonishing X-Men”, entitled, “Gifted”, as the stand out motion comic spearheading this movement.  Regarding Whedon, Adam has high praise:

“I guess there may be a better script writer out there, but is there someone more used to the form of both comic books and film? I don’t think there is.”

Watch “Gifted” here:

Check out this behind the scenes vid at Continuity Studios and the making of this motion comic:


This is a MUST watch! You’ve never seen a motion comic like this!!  My socks… are knocked across the room. WORD.

[Source] ScifiWire

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