J.J. Abrams To Start Shooting SUPER 8 In West Virginia Next Month

Director J.J. Abrams (Star Trek, Cloverfield) is readying production on his secret project, which is a tribute to and produced by Steven Spielberg entitled, Super 8. The production will take place in Weirton, West Virginia towards the end of September.

Also, a casting call has gone out for a film called Little Darlings which is a reportedly a smokescreen title for the Paramount Pictures production of Abrams’ Super 8. Here’s the description from the WV Gazette:

“Residents in Weirton Heights got letters informing them Paramount Pictures plans to shoot a movie called “Darlings” in their neighborhood. It revolves around a 14-year-old boy and is set in a steel town in 1979.”

The project reportedly will deal with everyday people whose personal relationships are tested when they are thrown up against extraordinarily fantastic and possibly other-worldly events.

Teaser Trailer: Super 8

Super 8 is slated to hit theaters in 2011.

[Source] Production Weekly

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