Great Featurette and Clips from Tonight’s ALMOST HUMAN

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Fox‘s Almost Human has been a terrific cop action show with some very nice banter, but it’s the future setting and the tech that goes with it that really sets it apart. This week’s new episode really highlights that, and is the first of five in a row that will take us through the season finale. I’m really hoping we’ll hear about a Season 2 pickup before then.

Featurette: Almost Human – XRN

Clip: Almost Human – 109 Unbound: Police Station Field Trip

Clip: Almost Human – 109 Unbound: Rebuilt and On a Rampage

Clip: Almost Human – 109 Unbound: Kennex Explains the XRN

Clip: Almost Human – 109 Unbound: Dorian Meets His Creator

The Wall? The Other Side? Excellent, bring it on!

Almost Human, starring Karl UrbanMichael EalyLili Taylor, Michael IrbyMinka Kelly, and Mackenzie Crook airs Mondays at 8/7c on Fox.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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