Francesco Francavilla Joins GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Just in Time for Infinity


Marvel Comic‘s Guardians of the Galaxy is getting a shot in the arm just in time for the upcoming Infinity event. Artist Francesco Francavilla (Hawkeye, Batwoman) will be coming on board the publication alongside veteran writer and Ultimate Marvel architect Brian Michael Bendis.

In an interview with, Francavilla had the following to say about joining the ongoing monthly: “Guardians of the Galaxy will give me the opportunity to draw something I haven’t done before at Marvel: some good old sci-fi fun . . . More than a challenge I’d call [this an] opportunity.”

In particular, Francavilla is looking forward to applying his craft to the characters Rocket Raccoon and Groot.

“[They] are so out there and different from all the other super hero characters/books I have been working so far,” he gushes. “I love them!”

Beyond his passion for the material, Francavilla seems particularly thrilled to be able to collaborate with Brian Michael Bendis. “[It’s] delightful,” he proclaims. “I’ve been a fan of Brian for a while so I definitely feel lucky that we have the opportunity to work together on something and luckier that this something is Guardians of the Galaxy

“We are collaborating a lot and that usually results in the best comic we can offer to our readers.”

Francavilla will join Guardians of the Galaxy on issue #8, due out in October.

Josh Wright
Written by Josh Wright

is a Guest Contributor and comics fan from the Great Northeast.