First Clip of STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Includes Connection to Comic Prequel and More

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Hooray! We have our first clip from one of the most breathlessly antipated movies of the year, Star Trek Into Darkness. Unfortunately, a lot of fans saw this back in December – yes, legally – so for us it isn’t exactly new, but still! And speaking of familiar, you’ll be seeing and hearing a very familiar line from a previous-timeline Star Trek movie…

Clip: Star Trek Into Darkness – What Would Spock Do?

By the way, that’s not me being clever with the clip title, that’s the title given by Paramount PR. Still, I think I like it.

If you’ve acquired and read the movie prequel comic, you’ll also note a familiar theme arising in the clip. If you haven’t read or even heard about the movie prequel comic, it’s entitled Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness. I have it, I’ve read it, I love it, and I feel even more fully prepared for the movie. It isn’t movie-spoilery at all, it just tells a story that takes place between the time between the first movie and the one coming up. Now available as a single bound edition, it’s also available in four separate comics.

I read the prequel comic to the first movie (Star Trek), entitled Star Trek: Countdown, before that movie premiered, and I found it really enhanced my movie experience, so you may want to check it out the new prequel; here’s the link:

We’ll continue to keep you posted on all things Star Trek Into Darkness as the premiere approaches. Join me now: COME ON MAY!

Star Trek Into Darkness, starring Chris PineZachary QuintoBenedict CumberbatchKarl UrbanZoe SaldanaJohn ChoSimon PeggAnton YelchinBruce Greenwoodand Alice Eve,  is slated to hit theaters on May 17, 2013 (with an early IMAX sneak peek on May 15).

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