Featurettes, TV Spot and Clip for Tonight’s Game Changing Season Finale of DEFIANCE

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If you thought things took a turn (or a few turns) last week, just wait til you see tonight’s season finale of Defiance. The turns will make your head spin. You’ll want to watch live, so you don’t get spoiled, but you’ll also want to record it, so you can watch some parts again. Trust me. You’ll also want to watch these videos, so you’re fully prepared for the episode, with everything fresh in your mind.

We have, for the last time until the show returns in 2014, the standard three: recap, TV spot preview, and first four minutes of the new episode – actually almost exactly four minutes! We also have a “Shooting the Shtako” featurette with showrunner Kevin Murphy chattin’ with Grant Bowler and Tony Curran about last week’s episode. It’s still a hoot to listen to Tony Curran‘s Scottish brogue and see his red wavy hair, knowing that he plays American-accented white-everywhere Datak Tarr.

Featurette: Defiance – Episode 111 Recap

Featurette: Defiance – Shooting the Shtako, Episode #111

TV Spot: Defiance – Episode 112

Clip: Defiance – Episode 112 First Four Minutes  

Defiance, starring Grant BowlerJulie BenzStephanie LeonidasTony CurranJaime MurrayGraham Greene, and Jesse Rath, airs Mondays at 9/8c on Syfy.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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