Featurette Introduces the Cast of Tonight’s Series Premiere UNDER THE DOME

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FINALLY. ALMOST. HERE. Wow do I hate waiting, but finally, finally, it’s almost here: the series premiere of Stephen King’s Under the Dome. We started telling you about this production on August 30, 2011, which might as well have been a lifetime ago. Now tonight we’ll finally see the fruits of our barely-patient waiting.

To help us keep sorted all of these new people in our lives, we have this handy reference guide in the form of a featurette. While I’m fairly sure there will be no test, it’s nevertheless helpful to study up ahead of time:

Featurette: Under the Dome – Meet the Cast

The sound of fingers drumming impatiently is nearly deafening… COME ON, 10/9c! For those of you with saintly patience and a love for Amazon streaming, here’s just a reminder, as we told you last month, that new episodes of Under the Dome will be available four days after they air, but only on Amazon Prime, who has an exclusive deal for the show.

Under the Dome, starring Mike VogelDean NorrisAisha HindsJeff FaheyBritt RobertsonAlexander KochNatalie MartinezColin FordJolene Purdy, Jeff Fahey and Nicholas Strong, premieres on Monday, June 24 – TONIGHT! – at 10/9c on CBS.

Erin Willard
Written by Erin Willard

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