Farscape Panel At Comic-Con ’09- 10th Anniversary, MegaSet DVD, And Guiness Book Award

farscape_comiccon09posterdvdAt the Farscape panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2009, it was a celebration not only for 10 years of Farscape, but also for the upcoming release of the MegaSet DVD.  In November, A&E Home Entertainment and the Jim Henson Company partner on releasing the first ever Complete Series Megaset of all four seasons, plus extras like commentaries, cast interviews, and behind-the-scenes featurettes.

Brian Henson says “Farscape Undressed” will also be included on the DVD set.  According to IMDB, “Farscape Undressed” was a one hour documentary/primer aired to prepare new viewers of the Sci-Fi Channel’s Farscape for the third season. It includes clips from the first two seasons and explanations on each of the main characters.

farscape-henson-guinnessawardIf the return of “Farscape” to DVD isn’t exciting enough, the Guiness Book of World Records presented Brian Henson with an award for “Most Visual Effects in a TV Series” for “Farscape”.


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