This is SO exciting! We get another sneak peek at the lost episode of Dollhouse Season One and hear what Joss has to say about it.

Those of you lucky enough to be at San Diego’s Comic Con will be able to see ‘Epitaph One’ on July 24th, but the rest of us will have to wait until the DVD is released on July 28th or buy from itunes on August 11th.  Just a reminder, this ep will NOT be available on Hulu.

Joss Whedon had designed this ep to either wrap up the series or lead to season two. In an interview with EW, Whedon explains:

“So you will find out snippets of everything and all of nothing.  Every flashback answers something about where people are heading but brings up a lot more questions about where they end up or how they got there.”

As for Fox’s call not to air “Epitaph One”, Whedon agrees with it.

“It has a very different structure and feel from what we do on Dollhouse, so it would have been ridiculously startling to have aired it the week after the season finale as just this insane coda. And it is a little bit insane, except that we sort of follow everything through to its logical conclusion. As always, it’s logical to conclude that people are terrible and will try to destroy each other.”

As a clue to what’s in store for us in season two, Whedon says that it continue right where we left off, but shortly after those events.

Season two of Dollhouse starts Sept. 25.

SPOILER!! (Don’t look past this point, if you don’t want ‘Epitaph One’ to be spoiled!)

The below caps are from ‘Epitaph One’, featuring Caroline coming back to the Dollhouse with Paul in 2019 and of course, by now, you’ve seen the clip with Whiskey who was left at the Dollhouse in a ‘wiped’ state.  (See the clip again in the article we published on Friday: DOLLHOUSE TREATMENT CHECK 7/10/09)



[Source] Chicago Tribune, EW

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