DOCTOR WHO: Sneak Peek Of Season Premiere, Radio Advert, And Interview With Matt Smith And Karen Gillan

Oooohh! This batch of teasers for the eleventh Doctor gave me the chills! Check out this new radio advertisement and sneak peek at the premiere for the new season of BBC’s “Doctor Who”! Airing on BBC Radio 2 show, Paul O’Grady had a special visit from the Tardis and the new Doctor, played by Matt Smith. Listen to this new “Doctor Who” advert below followed by an exciting new sneak peek at the opening scene of the “The Eleventh Hour” and a radio interview that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan (plays new companion, Amy Pond) on BBC Radio Ulster.

Paul O’Grady “Doctor Who” Radio Advert

Sneak Peek at Season Premiere of “Doctor Who”, entitled “The Eleventh Hour”

Matt Smith and Karen Gillan were interviewed on BBC Radio Ulster this week discussing, the change of the inside of the Tardis, being cast on “Doctor Who”, the women of the show, the costume change for Matt Smith’s new Doctor, the shooting schedule, and villains.

Watch the eleventh Doctor take the Tardis out for a spin in the season premiere of “Doctor Who” on Saturday April 3rd on BBC One in the UK and on Saturday April 17th on BBC America in the States.

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